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Winter Services

We offer a comprehensive range of winter grounds maintenance services to
help you keep up with your exterior health and safety obligations, whatever the weather.

Cold snaps, snow and Ice can bring hazards not just to public roads and footpaths, but to pathways, walkways and the other outside areas of your company’s grounds or estate.

To keep your employees and visitors safe during the worst winter weather, you’ll want to ensure that these frequently used areas are kept clear of ice and snow. From low-level interaction to a full gritting and snow clearance service, we can support your needs.

winter services

Flora-tec’s winter maintenance services keep your public areas free of snow and ice to fulfil your duty of care to visitors and workers.


We agree a plan in advance with a minimum temperature threshold with all our clients. If the temperature reaches the agreed level a gritting team will attend site.


Here’s what our winter grounds maintenance contracts can provide:

Gritting and salt spreading >

Gritting and salt spreading

Reactive and proactive gritting and salt spreading on steps, pathways, walkways and roads. If you require gritting services and salt spreading, we can supply this. If your business requires urgent support, we can offer a rapid reaction service wherein we aim to get to you within 4 hours. Our advanced technology allows us to tackle bad weather both reactively and proactively.
snow clearance >

Snow clearance

Reactive and proactive snow clearance We can supply efficient and reliable snow clearance to contracts of all sizes and specifications. We use the innovative technology not only to track weather patterns, but also the finest technology in removing snow, allowing us to be proactive and reactive when necessary.
Bagged salt supply >

Bagged salt supply

We can supply bagged salt to your sites with efficiency and catering for whatever amount you need. It is essential to ensure your grounds are fully prepared for the worse case scenarios to safeguard clients and staff from accidents.
Grit bin supply and replenishment service >

Grit bin supply and replenishment service

It is always useful to have Grit bins on site to help your business remain proactive against combating snow and ice. We can supply and replenish grit bins, ensuring you are fully covered.


Compliance Director and Support Manager

Tel 07876 656932

Kirsty is our Operations and Client Support Manager and is an integral part of our team. With a number of years’ experience in different sectors, including Marketing for the council, she has gained a wide and varied skills set. Kirsty is also our Winter Maintenance contact, she has had ownership of this role for over 5 years and continues to do a brilliant job. Kirsty is highly organised, efficient and consistently deals with clients in a helpful and professional manner, so please contact her for all your Winter Maintenance needs.

For more information on any of our services, please get in contact with us via telephone or email.