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Interior Plants

Flora-tec Case Study: Sharp, Uxbridge.


Sharp required a new planting design for their central atrium and open plan office areas, respectively. They were insistent that the interior landscaping complemented its products high-tech image, promote its offices Japanese theme and incorporated plants that would thrive.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Flora-tec to any prospective clients”.

SOLUTION The Flora-tec way

As you enter the reception area a large, bright atrium space opens up before you. Two Bonsai Ginseng Fiscus Trees were installed at either side of the atrium seating area, which tied in with the Asiatic theme. Another larger Bonsai was also installed in the atrium, along with Orchids in glass tubes – further contributing to the Japanese flavour.

On the first floor, four Polyscaius Fabiana hang over the edge of the glass balustrade to create a soft weeping effect down into the atrium below.
In the main body of the building, the open plan areas are dressed with various specimen plants in cream white containers. Planting has been brought to eye level with the use of bowls planted with Crassula and Sanseviera Hahni.
All compost benefits from a top dressing of white pebbles as part of the client’s specification, tying the plants into the building’s Japanese theme.


Aftercare maintenance of the planting is of paramount importance for the plants wellbeing and longevity, the following lists some steps that ensure this;

  • Twice-monthly visit regime to monitor the plants health, checking for signs of pests and organic treatment applied when necessary.
  • We used a reduced compost; which was incorporated with insecticide and nutrients to benefit the plants.
  • All planters have watering systems; our research supported the that this encourages roots to grow deeper making the plants stronger and healthier.
  • A highly experienced member of the team, Carolyn, maintains the site to ensure perfect standards are kept.
“The maintenance technician is excellent. She often works before anyone starts and is always neat, tidy and polite. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Flora-tec to any prospective clients”.


Louise Hemmens
Sales Manager

Tel 07876 656 927

Louise has a wealth of knowledge in the industry with years of experience behind her. Her excellent sales skills and consultative approach reap benefits for the division. If your offices require an interior plants scheme, Louise is your go-to contact!

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