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Interior Plants

Flora-tec Case Study: Roche, Welwyn Garden City.


Roche headquarters was a brand-new building and with this it required extensive internal and external landscaping.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Flora-tec to any prospective clients”.

SOLUTION The Flora-tec way

Throughout the new site, Flora-tec made their mark on each area by creating bespoke designs which uplift the headquarters and working atmosphere. Some of the solutions are as followed;

  • In the reception and director’s areas Flora-tec used character specimens to create an innovative and contemporary scheme. This theme followed throughout the open-plan office areas.
  • Large Ficus Longfolia trees along with two five-metre Ficus trees were installed on the main ground floor and the lower ground floor, respectively – this added interesting focal points.
  • To divide the open-plan office and central atrium area; Flora-tec installed Dracaena Compacta Variegata in metallic column containers at differing heights.
  • Due to the nature of the glass building, it was important that the internal planting corresponded with the external landscaping – Ball Top Ficus Trees were installed in the Café to mirror the Pleached Fargus Trees outside.
  • Flora-tec wanted to grab attention when considering the designs for the entrance of the building. Two ancient Mediterranean olives frame the buildings entrance and the largest revolving doors in Europe. The Reception area was uplifted by the installation of a 4.5 metre Fiscus Longoflia which was mirrored by a matching specimen at the far end of the building.
  • Red Arthurium in aluminium towers complemented the restaurant areas furniture and red walls.
  • Character Dracaena was used in the Directors corridors to combat the lower light.
  • The bright open plan aspect of the general office areas is conducive to most tropical plant species, and Flora-tec has used a variety of specimens ranging from trim upright Sansieveria to wide-spreading Anthurium Jungle King, to climbing Scindapsus in tower planters.
  • Six-metre Ficus Exotica trees were chosen for the atrium spaces so that people could sit under their huge canopy.


Through employing a weekly maintenance regime carried out by our most experienced technicians, has led to healthy and thriving plants.

The plants and trees are also inspected regularly for pests and health issues. Our passionate staff and dedication to customer care means that the site is always left in pristine condition and our client is always kept in the loop if there are any changes on site. We have had several commendations from the client about the professionalism of our staff on site and the standard of maintenance provided.
“The maintenance technician is excellent. She often works before anyone starts and is always neat, tidy and polite. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Flora-tec to any prospective clients”.


Louise Hemmens
Sales Manager

Tel 07876 656 927

Louise has a wealth of knowledge in the industry with years of experience behind her. Her excellent sales skills and consultative approach reap benefits for the division. If your offices require an interior plants scheme, Louise is your go-to contact!

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