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Interior Plants

Flora-tec Case Study: Unilever, Victoria Embankment, London.


With Unilever moving out of their head office, the offices would almost completely be demolished. The intention would then be to recycle all the materials from the old building to use in the new building. The new internal areas would comprise of 7 floors and a roof garden along with a large open reception area on the ground floor which can be appreciated from all floors. Flora-tec were instructed to provide planting that would enhance the building.

SOLUTION The Flora-tec way

A breakdown of the different solutions Flora-tec provided are as followed:

  • Due to the 7-floor tall ceiling of the Reception, intelligent measure was needed to provide focal point but not be too overwhelming. In the informal seating areas of Reception, Flora-tec provided character Dracaena Magentas which were dressed in GRP pillar containers in a polished metal finish.
  • The Café was enriched through planting Kentia Palms and Guzmanias, both contained with GRP circular planters with a polished metal finish.
  • All standard planting has irrigation systems. The top dressing to all the containers was slate which gave a powerful finish.
  • Flora-tec always aims to work towards an outcome of sustainability; the compost was made using a complex mixture of pulverised bark, sphagnum peat, Irish peat and grit. Slate was derived from a quarry in Wales, and reused. The fibreglass containers were also made in the UK to reduce carbon footprints on delivery.
  • Character Dracaena was used in the Directors corridors to combat the lower light.
  • The bright open plan aspect of the general office areas is conducive to most tropical plant species, and Flora-tec has used a variety of specimens ranging from trim upright Sansieveria to wide-spreading Anthurium Jungle King, to climbing Scindapsus in tower planters.
  • Six-metre Ficus Exotica trees were chosen for the atrium spaces so that people could sit under their huge canopy.


With impeccable organisation and professionality from the Flora-tec team, the job was completed within 3 days. The client was very pleased with the outcome and praised the team for their hard work.


Louise Hemmens
Sales Manager

Tel 07876 656 927

Louise has a wealth of knowledge in the industry with years of experience behind her. Her excellent sales skills and consultative approach reap benefits for the division. If your offices require an interior plants scheme, Louise is your go-to contact!

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